Easter Sunday Meeting Notes
04 Apr 2020

Easter Sunday Meeting Notes

04 Apr 2020

Happy Easter!

Please start by Listening to the Hymn “Man of Sorrows” BEFORE the meeting starts at 11am. You can see/hear it with the lyrics here:

Please also read the following passage and have a think about the questions below so we can share together.

Luke 24:1-12

Question 1 – How does our view of the cross and the tomb of Jesus compare to the view of the women as they walked towards it?
Question 2 – When you hear the words “He has Risen!” How does it make you feel?
Question 3 – When the Eleven heard what the women said it “seemed to them like nonsense”. How can we share the Gospel without it sounding like nonsense to people today?

Closing Hymn (after the service finishes) “Grace to Grace” below:

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