Weekend Away Information

Weekend Away Information

Arrivals and Departure

The centre asks that you do not arrive on site before 15.00hrs in order to give us time to ensure that all is ready for you. If we have a group arriving on the day of your departure then we will ask you to clear the bedrooms by 10.00 and the site by 12.00.

The Centre’s Rules:

  • Please remove your pillowcase and top sheet (please leave the pillow and mattress protectors on).
  • Please leave these in the bedrooms or in the utility room by the washing machines.
  • Please ensure that the kitchen and facilities are left clean and tidy, with floors swept and mopped.
  • All accounts must be finalised before the group leaves.
  • Please be aware of safety during your stay.
  • All children and young people must be supervised by an adult.
  • All activities must be supervised by the number of adults specified by TRAC and your risk assessment.
  • NO electrical items should be brought to site and used unless the manager agrees and can be shown proof that the items have either passed a PAT (portable Appliance Test ) & Inspection within the previous 12 months, or can show proof that the item is less than 12 months old.
  • No electrical heaters or electric blankets are to be bought onto site for safety reasons.
  • Straighteners/hairdryers/phone chargers must not be left plugged in/turned on.
  • Phones must not be left charging on beds. Chargers must not be left connected to the socket without the phone attached. Items are not left charging overnight. No extension leads in bedrooms.
  • Any items found onsite outside of these conditions will be confiscated and held until the owner(s) leaves the site.
  • Anyone found ignoring these rules will be asked to leave the site immediately.
  • Anyone found to be abusing or deliberately damaging property or equipment, will be asked to leave the site immediately.

Things to know in advance of your Stay:

You will be provided with two identical keys which will open up everything you need. The zip wire has a separate key which will be given to you.

We will open up the Go-Karts and the Lake and fit life jackets when these areas are required for use and provide you with any required games equipment from the cupboards.

Please lock up at night or if everyone is on the field/park/camp fire then please also lock up.

Please liaise with me for lock up timing each night. Your key will open and shut the gate. Please do not remove the padlock from the gate.

Please Don’t Forget to Bring:

  • Toilet rolls
  • Sleeping bags
  • Duvets
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Food
  • Cleaning products for your use during your stay.


Children must be supervised at all times. Please do not allow children in the following areas without supervision:

  • Games room
  • Sports Barn
  • Challenge course and trampolines
  • Go Karting Track
  • The Lake
  • Car park
  • Zip wire
  • Rope swing

The Lake

Children must not go around the other side of the lake or car park side of lake without supervising adult and must stay a minimum of 6 feet away from the edge.

The Life Jackets will be fitted by the Centre Manager and are to be worn without any exceptions when using the pedal boats or rafts.

3-4 adults must be supervising when the lake is in use.

Please have one adult on the lake in the inflatable raft, one adult on the pontoon helping children to ascend and descend and one adult on the other side of the lake covering any blind spots.
Children under 8 to be accompanied in peddle boat by an adult over 18.

Go-Karting Track

We recommend two adults supervise the Go-Karts. The Go-Karts are heavy. Please ensure responsible adults from the group who do not have back problems, remove them and put them back.

Zip Wire

The Zip wire must remain locked and only be open when supervised by an adult.

Rope Swing

The rope swing must also be supervised by an adult.

Challenge course and trampolines

The Challenge course must not be used without supervising adult. There must be only one person on a trampoline at a time and no shoes to be worn on the trampolines.

Games Room

Please turn off the air hockey table, sound system and lighting when the Games Room is not in use.
An adult must be supervising at all times. Please do not move/drag any of the equipment as it damages the carpet. All damages and breakages will be charged for.

Sports Barn

A supervising adult is required. Please ensure that the metal door is unlocked on the padlock as an extra fire escape. This leads on to the lake which is not fenced in this area, so this door must be kept closed and area supervised. This door must be padlocked again when Sports Barn no longer in use.

Carpark and Fire Assembly Point

No children under 18 should be in this area unless they are supervised/fire evacuation is taking place.

Peace Garden

This is a beautiful and peaceful area to go. However, once again, children under 18 must be supervised.



No outdoor shoes in bedrooms or the games room/chillout zone

Recycling and waste

Please recycle! Bins inside and outside are labelled, please put rubbish in the correct bins because we have to sort all rubbish for disposal. Food waste must be bagged and then placed outdoors in the black round dustbin outside the kitchen door.


The accommodation is heated from October through to April.
Please keep doors and windows closed when central heating is on
Radiators can be adjusted on the 1-5 dial, but please do not touch the other end as it stops the other radiators heating the building.


The lights in the corridors and stairs are automatic but please turn off other lights in the building when not in use.


We are not mains sewage so only human waste and toilet paper can go down the toilets. Anything else will cause the pump to jam and other serious problems.
Bins and bags are placed in toilets for sanitary products.
Please place nappies in the outside wheelie bins by the carpark.


Please do not place any fat or fatty liquids down the sinks
Please turn off kitchen gas supply and fan switch over night.
Clean the kitchen thoroughly before you leave and please leave the accommodation as clean and tidy as you found it including mopping and sweeping floors

Utility room

The dishwasher and washing machines are for your use and there is washing powder, fabric conditioner and dishwasher tablets available in the utility room.
The tumble dryer takes old £1 coins and 20p coins. We can swap an old £1 with you.
Please ask for handtowels, centre feed rolls and hand-wash if they run out.

Dining room

If using a projector in the dining room use the platform to rest your projector on. Please report any breakages as soon as possible.

Smoking Policy

No smoking inside any of the buildings. Smoking is permitted outside and there are sand buckets for cigarettes.

Out of Bounds

  • Farm house and Garden
  • Builder’s compound
  • Outside area behind toilets and shower blocks unless hanging clothes out to dry
  • The Lake without adult supervision
  • Camp fire area without supervision
  • Any area which is fenced off

Tent hire

We have a supply of tents which we can hire out to you for £15 per tent if required